Saturday, 24 December 2011

Have a wonderful and safe Christmas everyone!

Just wanted to say have a wonderful Christmas everyone, and hope all your dreams come true for the new year...New years resolutions? Well for me it's more dolly stuff! I am currently waiting for a Doll In Mind Luria with an immature body, so I will be able to sew for more immature MSD girls...I'm still waiting for my Kaye Wiggs SD Nelly to arrive, so again more sewing for my Etsy store....
I also have a passion to create more faceups in the new year, and more designs for my eye collection....
So what are you hoping to do in the new year?

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Fairytale Ball was "Magical"

The Fairytale Ball was lovely! There were plenty of things to see and lots of dolls to drool over....
As promised here is my girl Sonnet in her Snow Queen fairy outfit...
The whole outfit I created, including the crown, sceptre and necklace

And not forgetting Little Nell (Minifee Miyu) as Little Red Riding Hood
The cloak was pretty hard to construct but i got there in the end...
The little dress was just cotton gingham, and long socks were also hand made

And my little Velvet (pipos Dali) as alice in Wonderland

Monday, 7 November 2011

Eyes now available via Etsy

Just a little note to say my eyes are now available through Etsy
Don't forget if you don't see anything you like, I can design eyes from scratch
any design and any colour...

Busy Busy Busy!

Been so busy since i got back off my holiday....I have been working on Sonnet's (Feeple Chloe) Snow Queen outfit for the midwinter ball....I decided to add wings because there seemed to be something missing....Three quarters of the outfit is now finished..I am just waiting for her wings to dry (as we speak) and waiting for a commissioned corset to arrive...

Here are a few items I have managed to take pics of

Sonnet's Shoes all sparkly!

 Sonnets crown created from glass beads and Swarovski crystals
 And eyes....not sure of these ones yet, i may go for a paler blue

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Back from Mouseland!

I must give myself an almighty slap on the wrist for not updating my blog again....I do have an excuse though as my asthma just loves to interfere with my life and make me feel like nothing on earth.... It really does stop me from doing certain things, and once it take hold in the form of bronchitis I have to admit defeat....So many apologies to anyone who is taking the time to follow this blog....
Anyway after scrimping and scraping for 3 years straight, hubby and I went to Orlando Florida and had a wonderful time...We were lucky enough to visit "The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter" which was absolutely amazing....As we are HUGE Harry Potter geeks, the visit was just the best....We experienced a whole immersion into Harry's world through the gateway into Hogsmeade.... It is so authentic with everything from the Hogwarts Express to Olivanders wand shop (where Harry gets his first wand) to the Owl Post, Honeydukes the sweet shop , Dervish & Banges , Zonkos the joke shop and other authentic locations that HP fans will recognize...But the icing on the cake was the replication of Hogwarts school...Although not full size this recreation is absolutely jawdropping! Such a must for Potter fans...We were like little kids!!!

here are a few pics

The impressive Hogwarts

My hubby Andy and me


You get the chance to sample Butterbeer which is a cross between cream soda and shortbread but fizzy like coke, then they dollop loads of cream on the you wouldn't want one on your own!

Hogwarts Express

I also took one of my girls along to Mouseland.....Catkin my Fairyland littlefee Bisou came out on a few days, so we had some fun with her

Catkin and me in the Magic Kingdom

Catkin sharing ice cream in the Magic Kingdom

It was a long overdue holiday for us and we enjoyed every minute of it....We stayed a lot by the pool because of my anxiety issues and Andy's bad back, but what a lovely way to spend a day...Feeding squirrels every morning and just taking it all in....

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Midwinter Ball In November

After the success last year of the "Midwinter Masked Ball" we are holding another! The Theme will be "Fairy Tales" It's all in a good cause (Cancer Research)
Here is a link to DOA where you can find more info if you fancy attending!

I am planning on taking my Fairyland Feeple Chloe as "The Snow Queen" but i plan to add wings, and my MNF Miyu as "Little Red Riding Hood"
Got a few inspirations from the web

And The Wait Begins..........

One of my favourite ever artists is the very talented Kaye Wiggs.....Kaye creates the most beautiful dolls which remind me of "Disney" children....So when the news of "Nelly" spread over the internet, I just had to have her! I have ordered the human version of Nelly in 2 colours....One in Sunkissed and one in Fair Skin....My heart is with the Sunkissed, but I didn't want to miss out on the Fairskin as you never can tell until you see them both in the flesh so to speak....So i have 2 girls coming who won't be home until November sometime.....

Here are the pics and lets see how long you can resist these little poppets....Nelly is up for pre-order now if you are having difficulty in finding her Nelly is currently on Jpop dolls website for a limited time only....And No i'm not on commission!

      Sunkissed Nelly

Fairskin Nelly

Sunday, 3 July 2011


I have always wanted an Anthro BJD...For those who don't know what an Anthro BJD is, basically it is an animal BJD...You can get all sorts of Anthro's  such as Rabbits, Dogs, Cats, Dragons, Mice etc...
They are just so cute and cute and cuddly you just can't keep your hand off them!
So when I saw a Pipos  Greyskin Dali for sale in the DOA i just jumped at the chance to get one...
Anthro BJD's are pretty much A-Sexual so you can have them as a boy or girl, they really don't mind...
My girl already came with a basic faceup, so I just added subtle eyelashes and painted her paw pads...I also couldn't leave her nekkid so i ran her a little outfit up
I named her "Velveteen" after one of my favourite books "The Velveteen Rabbit"
So here she is "Velveteen" or  Velvet for short

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

What a BEAUTIFUL Girl "Sonnet"

After 5 and a half months of waiting, getting lost in customs, having the runaround from office to office and Fairyland messing up my order...My girl is finally home....She is a Feeple 65 Chloe Moonlight Fullset 65cms tall and a dead weight!...I thought her factory eyes didn't do much for her...A lovely colour but quite lifeless...So i made her a heap of new eyes and now her face has come "Alive" so to speak....Her posing abilities are brilliant, her outfit was just beautful and she is just stunning...I shall be doing lots with her....I am off to a midwinter BJD ball in November and the theme is "Fairytales" So my new girl will be going as "The Snow Queen"
So without further ado, here is my new girl "Sonnet"

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Morrigan has a new face

So I decided to change Morrigan's face....There wasn't anything wrong with it, it just didn't suit the character I had in mind for here she is with her new face

Sunday, 3 April 2011

AWOL for a while and now back

I haven't felt myself lately...that's why I haven't posted up much recently....I became very ill in a short space of time so I didn't feel up to much at all...I am relieved after a few tests and X-rays that it is nothing serious as we thought it might be, and I am much better than I was and slowly getting back to normal...
My beloved Bunny "Jolie" passed away last week after a long illness, which has knocked me sideways as she has left such a big gap....Jolie had an amazing personality and we are so sad that we lost her to an over zealous infection that completely overwhelmed her....
Here is my little darling Jolie

My PC continued to die slowly and gave up the ghost last week....It's amazing how much you miss your window to the world when you haven't got it...And you realise just how much you rely on it....But we managed to get a reconditioned unit with new insides at a brilliant price, and i'm back on thank goodness!

I now have a another new girl!
I will be removing her faceup as it does not fit the character I have in mind for her....Her name is Morrigan
and I'm excited about creating a look for her....her eyes are handmade by me
Here she is (Click on pics for larger view)

Also been working on commission pieces
here is a dress I created for a "Gothic" Iplehouse JID doll..

I have also been designing new eye designs and colours which I shall post up soon  
So watch this space!