Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Back from Mouseland!

I must give myself an almighty slap on the wrist for not updating my blog again....I do have an excuse though as my asthma just loves to interfere with my life and make me feel like nothing on earth.... It really does stop me from doing certain things, and once it take hold in the form of bronchitis I have to admit defeat....So many apologies to anyone who is taking the time to follow this blog....
Anyway after scrimping and scraping for 3 years straight, hubby and I went to Orlando Florida and had a wonderful time...We were lucky enough to visit "The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter" which was absolutely amazing....As we are HUGE Harry Potter geeks, the visit was just the best....We experienced a whole immersion into Harry's world through the gateway into Hogsmeade.... It is so authentic with everything from the Hogwarts Express to Olivanders wand shop (where Harry gets his first wand) to the Owl Post, Honeydukes the sweet shop , Dervish & Banges , Zonkos the joke shop and other authentic locations that HP fans will recognize...But the icing on the cake was the replication of Hogwarts school...Although not full size this recreation is absolutely jawdropping! Such a must for Potter fans...We were like little kids!!!

here are a few pics

The impressive Hogwarts

My hubby Andy and me


You get the chance to sample Butterbeer which is a cross between cream soda and shortbread but fizzy like coke, then they dollop loads of cream on the top...so you wouldn't want one on your own!

Hogwarts Express

I also took one of my girls along to Mouseland.....Catkin my Fairyland littlefee Bisou came out on a few days, so we had some fun with her

Catkin and me in the Magic Kingdom

Catkin sharing ice cream in the Magic Kingdom

It was a long overdue holiday for us and we enjoyed every minute of it....We stayed a lot by the pool because of my anxiety issues and Andy's bad back, but what a lovely way to spend a day...Feeding squirrels every morning and just taking it all in....


  1. Hello! Just thought I'd drop by from DoA and stalk you a little. :)

    I'm hoping I can go to Disneyland in November when I visit the States, but it's not 100% certain. Looks like such an amazing place!

    Oh, and it's YOU! You're adorable! I always wonder what people from online look like, but often never find out. It's nice to see you! :)

    I'll be keeping track of your blog, so please keep updating. I love seeing what you do, especially the BJD related stuff :)

  2. oh my gosh taralphiel !!!

    i haven't had chance to update recently because i have been up to my eyes in eye orders and this midwinter ball...
    Aw thanks for such lovely comments you are to kind!
    Yes when the ball is over i will have more time to come here and update!