Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bad accidents and off to Mouseland

Never and i repeat Never have a fight with a food processor blade! 3 weeks ago i did just that, and i came off worst....My poor old thumb needed 10 stitches and bled non stop for 15 hours...I don't mind telling you i was pretty scared and i am no sissy! I was worried i would not be able to create eyes any more, let alone use my trusty sewing machine...But i am pleased to report it is healing really well, so i am confident!
I am off to Mouseland (Disney) for a well earned rest to get some sun on my old bones!
Meantime i know i said no more dolls BUT i seem to have found some room!...I am in love with Souldoll's Yeon Bee and i am hoping to have her home for my birthday

I am also quite taken with Lillycats Lyse

so we shall see!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fairyland obsession strikes again!

Ok Ok so I am addicted to Fairyland Dolls! I just can't seem to help myself, and there are no meetings to go to for this sickness I have....Here is my newest, she is a ShuShu and she is called Fable

On a different tangent, I shall quietly get my trumpet out and polish it a bit....I have been featured on the official Tomb Raider Blog for my Cosplay of Lara Croft...Here is the link

Not bad for an old girl!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Lots of stuff going on this year

Well between my horse Chablis getting injured, my cats not being well, my poor husband suffering with his illness my blog has very much taken a back seat again....So how is everyone?
It seemed such a long winter didn't it, and it wasn't going to give up easily in the UK....So now we have a little decent weather, and i mean a little it always makes you feel a little better...
My health has not been too great this year and i have struggled, but hopefully i am on the up now and i love creating dolly stuff! so without further ado i must introduce you to 2 girls

Firstly this is my Bimong Classic Narae 402 from D -Storic...This i have to say was a nightmare order from start to finish..To be fair to D-Storic they did try their best BUT they did slide in several areas....One being the custom charge that plopped on my hall mat in March....I am pleased to tell you i now hold the record in the UK for the highest custom charge ever for a doll....My charge you ask? well it was £5666.82 !!!
D-Storic had put the decimal point in the wrong place for the shipping....It took about a week to sort out but i ended up paying a more reasonable £28.92..Yes what a difference

So here she is my lovely Snow

faceup by me

Thank goodness she has none of the awful resin distortions and warping that many people
have at the moment...I hope D-Storic will sort them out soon

This next little girl is an Elfdoll Dami...Such a pretty little thing 
Faceup by me and she is called "Little Roo"

My husband got me this beauty for my special birthday in December
She is called Ajeean and she is a Supia Haeun in Tan

I am currently working on Elf armour for her

Just a few dresses as well

Rory (Minifee Chloe) in polkadots
Inspired by Beauty and The Beast

Summer Pudding (Unoa Lusis) in candy stripes

Snow (Classic Narae) inspired by Snow White Rose dress

Catkin (Littlefee Bisou) inspired by Alice In Wonderland

Little Roo (Elfdoll Dami) in hearts and sweets