Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bad accidents and off to Mouseland

Never and i repeat Never have a fight with a food processor blade! 3 weeks ago i did just that, and i came off worst....My poor old thumb needed 10 stitches and bled non stop for 15 hours...I don't mind telling you i was pretty scared and i am no sissy! I was worried i would not be able to create eyes any more, let alone use my trusty sewing machine...But i am pleased to report it is healing really well, so i am confident!
I am off to Mouseland (Disney) for a well earned rest to get some sun on my old bones!
Meantime i know i said no more dolls BUT i seem to have found some room!...I am in love with Souldoll's Yeon Bee and i am hoping to have her home for my birthday

I am also quite taken with Lillycats Lyse

so we shall see!