Wednesday, 30 May 2012

There are not many dolls that get me excited and I have to have them....A doll really has to pull at me in order to bring her home. They have to be extra special and have that X factor....
In the news section on DOA I noticed a new artist who i have never seen before, and her work just blew me away....It is such a shame that I missed the pre-order for this one, but I will be keeping my eye out...
The artist in question is called Marmite Sue and her work is imaginative graceful and so different.....Marmite Sue describes herself as a Doll Artist and lists some of her favourite things as Alice In Wonderland, painting, dolls, fashion and cats...Some of her creations are made of porcelain, and some from resin. Marmite Sue's resin creations are just exquisite....I love the lace pattern on the sternum, and the lace inserts at the top of the thighs how inspired! Look at the back all the way down, just like  "Skin" corset lacing...These dolls are just so different they appeal to me so much, as a lot of dolls on the market are so bland and blur into one. It's so exciting to see different dolls coming into the marketplace from doll artisans, will i ever have enough money lol! It would be a crime to put clothes on all that beautiful work...This doll just looks like a beautiful 
Parisienne Figurine 

Have a look at the exquisite corseting and lacing actually cut into the resin

So feminine and so unique

Look at the lacing and those high heeled feet!

So gorgeous and so graceful ! just like a gazelle

Yuli is my favourite...Such a beautiful face and those lips!

Marmite Sue's Dolls resin choices are White, Cream, Normal Pink, Normal Yellow and Tanned Dark
The dolls come in 2 choices..with a spring system for ultimate posing or with elastic.
The dolls also come with eyes and 2 pairs of feet, 1 pair high heeled and 1 normal pair.
Optional extras to buy include a magnetic wig and an optional faceplate.
Measurements of these little beauties are as follows

Height 38cms
Head Circumference 15cms
Foot size 3.2cms
Eye Size 8-10 mm

Places to find Marmite Sue's creations also known as Angel Egg dolls

I just want to say...can't wait for my birthday!

Unoa Lusis

I lost my beloved cat Summer in March, she was 15 years old and i miss her so much....So I decided I wanted to have a doll in her memory....I have just loved Unoa's for as long as I can remember especially Lusis, so I buckled down and saved for one....There were no pre-orders for Unoa's at the time so I went for a hybrid...I chose a Souldoll Kid body and the body came through last week...The body is just perfect for her and she is such a fitting tribute to my little "Summer Pudding" who has left a big hole in our lives...So here is my little Unoa Lusis now named "Summer Pudding" in honour of our little girl with faceup by myself.
Eyes by myself ( Blissfully Blue)

Pretty little Minifee

Meet my new little Minifee Chloe Rory....She came up unexpectedly on that well know auction site...I couldn't believe she was just suddenly there..The seller had put her on 5 minutes before, so for me it was right place right time...She is called Rory after  Lorelai's daughter in the Gilmore girls...I am a huge geek of a fan and have always loved the show...So here she is my little Rory
Faceup default Fairyland... Eyes by Myself (Opulent Opal)

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Here are my latest designs that you will find in my Etsy shop, please click for larger views

Lupin's Moon


Sugar Skull

Scaredy Cat

Diagon Alley

Sugar Rush