Wednesday, 3 August 2011

And The Wait Begins..........

One of my favourite ever artists is the very talented Kaye Wiggs.....Kaye creates the most beautiful dolls which remind me of "Disney" children....So when the news of "Nelly" spread over the internet, I just had to have her! I have ordered the human version of Nelly in 2 colours....One in Sunkissed and one in Fair Skin....My heart is with the Sunkissed, but I didn't want to miss out on the Fairskin as you never can tell until you see them both in the flesh so to speak....So i have 2 girls coming who won't be home until November sometime.....

Here are the pics and lets see how long you can resist these little poppets....Nelly is up for pre-order now if you are having difficulty in finding her Nelly is currently on Jpop dolls website for a limited time only....And No i'm not on commission!

      Sunkissed Nelly

Fairskin Nelly


  1. I adore the sunkissed Nelly but just can't afford her at the moment (and think of the customs bill, you'd better start saving!). I think Nelly is my favourite Kaye doll ever!

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  3. Nelly is the best by far as you say kayjay...i could just about afford one on my ole flexible friend, but my lovely mum in law loaned me the money for the other doll...I was determined not to miss out on Nelly as i did with Nyssa...i just can't afford the ebay prices!
    And the customs charge ooh i just can't wait for that! thank you Queen with your customs and excise!