Sunday, 3 April 2011

AWOL for a while and now back

I haven't felt myself lately...that's why I haven't posted up much recently....I became very ill in a short space of time so I didn't feel up to much at all...I am relieved after a few tests and X-rays that it is nothing serious as we thought it might be, and I am much better than I was and slowly getting back to normal...
My beloved Bunny "Jolie" passed away last week after a long illness, which has knocked me sideways as she has left such a big gap....Jolie had an amazing personality and we are so sad that we lost her to an over zealous infection that completely overwhelmed her....
Here is my little darling Jolie

My PC continued to die slowly and gave up the ghost last week....It's amazing how much you miss your window to the world when you haven't got it...And you realise just how much you rely on it....But we managed to get a reconditioned unit with new insides at a brilliant price, and i'm back on thank goodness!

I now have a another new girl!
I will be removing her faceup as it does not fit the character I have in mind for her....Her name is Morrigan
and I'm excited about creating a look for her....her eyes are handmade by me
Here she is (Click on pics for larger view)

Also been working on commission pieces
here is a dress I created for a "Gothic" Iplehouse JID doll..

I have also been designing new eye designs and colours which I shall post up soon  
So watch this space!

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