Monday, 21 April 2014

Shiny New Design

After what seemed a 100 years, I have managed to stumble through putting a new layout on my blog...I love the old shabby postcard look, and I think it looks so pretty!
So lets see....Well I wanted to do so much with a few weeks off, but a broken down fridge freezer put paid to that...As it is Easter we have been without one for 5 days, and you never miss anything until it is gone...Luckily we have fantastic neighbours and our frozen food is now in their freezer...I don't know what the heck we would have done without them!
Thank you Anne & Bob!

So i have a few newbies in the house...I should really stop collecting, and after 28 dolls (or 28 Dolls later) as my husband calls it I think it's an addiction that i can't seem to stop

I was given a Hujoo Freya in white as one of my birthday gifts, and I was pleasantly surprised...I thought being ABS plastic it would be a pain to paint, but I couldn't have been more wrong...If anyone wants to get into the hobby and doesn't want to pay too much out or steer clear on recasts, then these little Hujoo creations are amazing value for money...This cat was actually designed by the lovely gentleman who runs Junkyspot     I currently have a little grey one to paint, but here is Tuppence, she is a cutie with attitude!

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