Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Unoa Lusis

I lost my beloved cat Summer in March, she was 15 years old and i miss her so much....So I decided I wanted to have a doll in her memory....I have just loved Unoa's for as long as I can remember especially Lusis, so I buckled down and saved for one....There were no pre-orders for Unoa's at the time so I went for a hybrid...I chose a Souldoll Kid body and the body came through last week...The body is just perfect for her and she is such a fitting tribute to my little "Summer Pudding" who has left a big hole in our lives...So here is my little Unoa Lusis now named "Summer Pudding" in honour of our little girl with faceup by myself.
Eyes by myself ( Blissfully Blue)

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