Saturday, 31 March 2012

Back after a bad start to the year

So I have been off again dealing with life as we all do....As they say or I do " Life gets in the way of things you plan to do "
We lost our beautiful 15 year old cat Summer, we think she just went through old age...Summer went to sleep and she never woke up...Bless you my little darling we miss you every day...

The side of our house developed a gaping hole due to faulty guttering...We had to have all the facias replaced both front and back so that was nice...Still have to have the roof felt replaced if we don't want damp bedrooms!

On a lighter note my Doll In Mind MSD Luria arrived..what a cutie! i am so pleased with her and she poses like a dream...I have called her Poe


Sad Little Girl

New pink dress 1

New pink dress 2

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