Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lara Croft Classic is finished!!!

I have always wanted a definitve Lara Croft doll as I am a HUGE geek of a fan of Lara since 1996...I have cosplayed Lara and had so much fun doing it.....I have also run a Lara Croft website for years (My Site) and she has become a big part of my life....Anyways I have looked at dozens of dolls trying to find a girl that matched Lara's attributes...I went to a doll meet way back in the summer last year and one of my friends bought along her Iplehouse Jessica...The moment I saw her I was smitten, and she was just gorgeous! She matched what I was looking for, and i just had to have her!
So i saved like a mad thing and got her last year...Lemme tell ya she is one BIG doll! Tate is 65cms and as heavy as a bag of potatoes!....I plan to make every outfit Lara has worn, but I will be starting with all her default outfits...Everything you see clothing wise top,shorts,backpack,gunrig,socks were all made by me..her guns came in kit form...They were put together and handpainted
So here she is ! My Iplehouse Jessica "Tate" as Classic Lara Croft.....


  1. it's refreshing to see a Lara that "Doesn't" look exactly like Angie Jolie!